Bryan Sharp, Connected Home Owner & Builder Joins The Panel

Bryan Sharp

Bryan Sharp works with BT and is a technology enthusiast, with both professional and personal interest in networking technology. Bryan was building a new 287sqm 5 bedroom home and decided to put in home technology to enable improved lifestyle, energy usage and more manageability of his home. There was a desire to create something that would “simply work”.

Bryan also remembers his father scolding him as a child for leaving lights on. His father would say – “I’ll come to your house and leave your lights on”. But of course at the time, there was no way to actually measure and show a child how much energy was being used. And anyway, Bryan has found a way past the problem. Now, the lights go off on their own.

The Connected Home That Bryan Built:


The lights are controlled centrally as well as well as motion sensing. Media and music are centrally stored and controlled. They can be played by zones (rooms) or all over the house. Different zones can have different media at the same time. When guests visit, they can play their own music – i.e. off their own devices such as iPods.

The underfloor heating has thermostats in every room, with control managed centrally on  the touchscreen or online.

The kitchen is home to a wall mounted touch screen which enables control of house media, lights, security and gate video intercom. In addition the touch panel serves as a TV in the kitchen and internet access.

There are motion sensing infra-red CC TV cameras around the house, which can be accessed remotely when the Sharps are away from home. Not all of the garden is covered by CCTV however provision has been made, extending cables to each corner eave of the house for an easy later install.

Holistic ergonomics are key to the project, providing lifestyle intelligence. Examples include; When Bryan returns home at night electronically opening the gates, the drive way and hall way lights turn on;   After midnight, one tap of any house light switch brings the light on a dim setting for 10 minutes, two taps brings the light on persistently and brighter. When going to bed, from  a bed side switch in the master bedroom, all lights of unoccupied rooms can be turned off in one press. 

Bryan can monitor his energy consumption by device category and by zone (room) of the house. The energy usage spikes are providing a number of clues on how to control usage. In future, when Bryan tries to tell his children to turn the lights off, he can also set them targets for the energy consumption in their room.

Panel Discussion

Bryan will be on the panel tomorrow for the “Understanding The Connected Home Consumer” event on Thursday the 16th of June at the Univ of Westminster. The event is free to attend. Join us there.


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